hey you. I'm britt.

You know that friend that loves change, speaks their mind and isn’t afraid to be 100% themselves well, that’s me. I’m that wife that dares to take on my husband in a wrestling match and am even convinced that one day I will beat him. I’m that mom that makes up songs of my kids as were driving in the car and acts like a complete dork just to hear them laugh. I’m that stranger who doesn’t know a stranger and that person who smiles at everyone. This is me. I’m Britt. 

I'm Britt. And I am velvet & Wire.

I am creative, outgoing, bold, playful,  compassionate and honest. I value genuine connections , vulnerability and quality over quantity . I’m an investor in people, a beholder of beauty and believer in greatness.  

What Kind of Person am i?

It’s the ability to capture an emotion, a story and time. It’s possessing a unique gift to genuinely connect with the person in front of the lens while creating an atmosphere of vulnerability and trust.

what is photography to me?

I’m the type who invests mentally and emotionally, pouring everything that I am into every client. I’m the type who sees my clients as friends and goes that extra mile. I am the photographer who desires to create imagery that speaks, reveals and inspires. 

what kind of photographer am i?

beautiful children who inspire me

years old when i married my best friend


couples accepted each year

dream destination weddings ; Tuscany , Paris, Lodon, Santorini and Dublin 

exhausted all the time ;)

years young and slaying it






send me a note and say hello. i can’t wait to meet you soon.

say hello.